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Wake DreamScience

  • Restful sleep and a pleasant awakening! 
  • Restful sleep thanks to the therapeutic sounds 
  • A gentle awakening, accompanied by the awakening frequency 
  • Emet brain wave whose effects are clinically proven
  • 20 sounds to improve your sleep and vitalize your day
  • Design ultra modern and compact

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Therapeutic sounds to fall asleep and you wake up gently! 

Designed by patented technology to improve sleep, DreamScience Clock uses rhythmic sounds integrated brain waves to soothe the body and revitalize the contrary. The therapeutic sounds were created by Dr. Barthel, University of Toronto, founder of Music and Health Research Collaboratory, whose research focuses on attention deficits, audiology and stress management.

Wake operation DreamScience 

Very easy to use, just press a button to wake it becomes your best companion of sleep and pleasant awakening! 

by transmitting signals of different frequencies, the clock synchronizes DreamScience waves brain brain depending on the desired state: 

  • Delta waves: Level deepest physical relaxation. Particularly corresponds to a dreamless sleep 
  • Alpha waves: State alert but calm mind. These waves are characteristic of relaxation, meditation, relaxation, etc. 
  • The Beta waves: waking state during everyday activities. This frequency corresponds to a state of consciousness and an increased concentration. 

When sounds slow, our body automatically to speed and plunged into a state of deep relaxation. The DreamScience awakening will gradually decrease the volume and timing of sounds to soothe the mind to sleep. 

Conversely, it will wake you gently through a little more rhythmic sounds whose rate will gradually widen to vitalize the body and mind. He avoids too brutal awakenings and allows you to start your day serenely. 

Compact and design, waking DreamScience also offers 6 different atmosphere of lights and the possibility of alternating between each colors to create a relaxing atmosphere and cocooning. 

The timer you can adjust the duration of the sounds and mood lights between 30 and 90 minutes.You can sleep peacefully without any concern for your awakening.

Affichage LCD display
Alimentation LR6 batteries or AC
Couleurs d'ambiance 6 colors and alternating mood
Dimension 16.4 x 18 x 6.4cm
Programmation 20 sounds to improve sleep and vitalize the day
Timer 30, 60 or 90 minutes
Weight 450g

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Wake DreamScience