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Dawn Simulator Lumie 500

  • Enjoy the benefits of dawn simulation and Aromatherapy 
  • Benefits of dawn simulation and essential oil diffuser 
  • A gentle sleep 
  • Wake energizing for a day in full form! 
  • Synchronizes the biological clock and the fight against sleep disorders and mood

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For an energizing awakening! 

The Lumie 500 will simulate sunrise to allow your body to wake up naturally and the brutality of your alarm clock. 

Our body is naturally accustomed to waking up with the sun. In the first rays of light, our brain stops secreting the sleep hormone, melatonin, to allow the body to wake up gradually. The Lumie 500 will thus help the body naturally regulate sleep cycles and wake.This will make it much easier to get up with a natural alarm clock, which will also have a beneficial impact on your energy during the day. You will feel so much less tired. 

Fall asleep gently 

the evening, the Lumie 500 will simulate the sunset and slowly but surely guide you to sleep. 

The decline of progressive intensity Lumie 500 will help your body to relax naturally and gradually launch melatonin secretion. Turn off the light suddenly can indeed be brutal for the body and lead to problems falling asleep. A gradual decrease in brightness is well understood that the body will soon be time to rest and will relax naturally. 

Bodyclock Lumie 500 has many features to help you fall asleep and waking: 

  • 6 possibility of timer, between 15 and 90 minutes, in twilight mode for Iader to peacefully fall asleep 
  • 6 possibilities timer, between 15 and 90 minutes, vane mode to wake energizing 
  • 2 removable tanks for essential oils, ideally a tank dedicated to relaxing oils night and booked with energizing morning oils 
  • essential oils can be diffused into mist for optimum effect. It is also possible to adjust the intensity and duration of diffusion 
  • The remote control allows programming directly from your bed
  • Unlike some previous versions, it is possible to program in advance the alarm depending on the day. So you can sleep a little weekend! But beware, it is advisable to get up at a regular daily to regulate her biological clock and avoid trouble waking up. 

The dawn simulator and will improve your mood, boost your energy, improve your sleep and quality of your nights and avoid difficult awakenings.

Affichage adjustable brightness
Aromathérapie 2 removable tanks of 60ml each: one for sunrise, sunset 1
Arrêt automatique à faible niveau d'eau Yes
Autonomie de fonctionnement en cas de coupure de courant Yes
Dimension 17 x 23 x 15cm
Garantie 2 years
Normes Medical Equipment class I - CE compliant
Programmation 5 programming
Weight 750g

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Dawn Simulator Lumie 500