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Luminette light therapy

  • Light therapy freely 
  • Tone Find and energy! 
  • Sleep disorders, depression saisonniaire 
  • Light therapy in mobile website

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All the benefits of light therapy nomadic 

The luminette light therapy allows you to do your daily light therapy session without the need to remain motionless before a fixed lamp.You can do almost everything without interrupting your session and never lose efficiency. 

A blue-enriched white light - the most efficient wavelength to energize the body - is sent to the eye retina level without impeding view. Through this, the body and regulate the secretion, among others, melatonin, the sleep hormone, and serotonin, the hormone of awakening. 

The light in addition to mark our biological clock, are energizing effects natural on the body. You will feel a marked improvement in your energy and your mood from the first sessions of light therapy! 

Included accessories: charger, rechargeable battery and protective cover 

Light therapy is ideal for: 

  • light therapy Compensate the lack of autumn light and winter 
  • light therapy Fight against seasonal affective disorder (SAD), also known as SAD 
  • light therapy Fighting against sleep disorders and insomnia 
  • therapy Find tone and energy 
  • therapy improve mood and morale 
  • therapy Decrease signs of fatigue 
  • therapy Reduce stress and anxiety 
  • therapy Treat effects of jet-lag 

During your session, you will: prepare breakfast, bouqiner, watch a movie, work on the computer or have a quiet physical activity (walking, bike, ...). 

in addition, for those who wear glasses and lenses, the use of luminette is fully compatible without changing their viewing experience. 

4 clinical studies have demonstrated the efficacy of light therapy luminette with benefits like:

  • Boosts the energy for 58% of respondents 
  • Improves sleep in 68% of cases 
  • a recovery 2x faster jet lag after a 

Basis for action :

a white light emitted by 8 emitting diodes (LED), is sent on a holographic visor that focuses light towards the pupil. This light is then sent, regardless of the viewing direction and the position of the head to the lower part of the retina, an area particularly rich in neuronal receptors involved in the therapeutic action of light. 

"The light therapy device the preferred market! "

Accessoires inclus Charger, rechargeable battery and protective case
Application seasonal depression, the blues, sleep disorders and insomnia, jet lag, jet lag, night work and work shift schedule, sports, lack of sun
Autonomie 1 hour
Batterie AAA batteries
Garantie 2 years
Lumière Light 8 white LEDs
Normes EC, without risk to the eyes according to IEC 62471
Traitement 30 minutes

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Luminette light therapy