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Intense Pack CLIMSOM

After sales in Reunion

For those who want even more intense temperatures!

  • Limited size for localized application
  • Version ultra refreshing or ultra hot

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Even more intense temperatures for localized application 

Dreaming of freshness or heat even more intense? So this Intense pack is for you! 

The mattress pad refreshing and heating CLIMSOM INTENSE achieves very cool or very hot temperatures as close to the body: 

  • A limited size (70 x 100 cm) for concentrating the freshness on the legs or the heat on the back 
  • A removable cover that can only use the inside top mattress for even more intense sensation! 
  • The silicone material provides better distribution of temperature as textiles 
  • The amount of water flowing in the CLIMSOM mattress topper INTENSE is higher than on traditional mattress CLIMSOM. 

The heat generated by water décontractera your muscles, relieve your pain and carry toxins through greater vascularisation of the heated area. Such heat is particularly appreciated by people suffering from back pain. The CLIMSOM Intense will be positioned to be below the upper region of the body, excluding the legs. 

The water can reach up to 48 ° C: beware, for most users, this heat will be considered too intense!Especially since the silicone surface greatly diffuse the heat.Choose gradually your personal comfort temperature to the nearest degree. 

The CLIMSOM INTENSE can reach very cool temperatures up to 15 ° C! 
This striking freshness is particularly appreciated by people suffering from heavy legs or restless legs syndrome (impatience), during a heat wave and the fight against insomnia and sleep disorders. 
In such uses, the featherbed conditioning CLIMSOM INTENSE will be positioned under the lower part of the body, excluding the back. 
The Intense mattress topper is also appreciated in case of sweating, night sweats, hot flashes and during heat waves. 

Application Heavy legs, restless legs, restlessness, sweating, night sweats, hot flashes, insomnia, sleep disorders, heat waves, back pain, neck pain, back pain, lumbago, pains, cold feet
Contenu Thermo-controller with remote control + on + Intense mattress cotton mattress + hose 1m
Taille sur-matelas Intense 70x100 cm Application localized to the legs or back

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Intense Pack CLIMSOM