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The ideal temperature for you -- and only you!

  • 70 x 190 cm (27 x 75"), sized for one person
  • Fits single and double beds
  • Installation and use are fast and easy
  • Comes with wireless remote
  • Two-year warranty

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CLIMSOM knows that temperature is an essential part of comfortable sleep.
Sleep at the right temperature, anytime, in any season.
CLIMSOM Personal lets you choose your personal temperature without disrupting your partner's comfort or changing the room's temperature.
- In summertime, CLIMSOM eliminates excess heat and night sweats. You'll finally be in control of your nights again.
- CLIMSOM helps you say goodbye to icy beds and cold hands and feet in the winter.
- CLIMSOM can supplement or even replace bedroom air conditioning or heating.
- It's the only healthy and safe alternative to electric blankets.

CLIMSOM installation takes just a few minutes, and it's easy to use.

CLIMSOM improves your sleep
Tossing and turning all night and difficult mornings are things of the past.
Learn how your controlled personal comfort temperature promotes healthy sleep and easier waking.

CLIMSOM relieves pain
- Heavy legs: The cooler settings provide a triple physiological effect that provides quick, all-night relief from pain and stimulated blood circulation
- Restless Legs Syndrome: A cool temperature can help relieve 75 percent of RLS cases. Muscle aches and pains: Heat quickly and effectively relaxes sore backs and muscles.
- Lumbago/back pain: Use CLIMSOM’s pleasurable, efficient heating to relax and soothe the pain with thermo-therapy.

CLIMSOM improves your quality of life
- Savings: Cut your nighttime heating and air-conditioning costs by up to 90 percent.
- Mites: CLIMSOM is a natural and effective deterrent to dust mites and bedbugs
- Safety: Unlike electric blankets, CLIMSOM shields you from the contact of electricity. The revolutionary water system in the mattress topper brings it to the temperature you desire.

Professor Damien Léger, of the Sleep Center and Vigilance of the Hotel-Dieu and CLIMSOM conducted the first pilot study on the relationship between sleep quality and temperature of the immediate environment of sleep: the bed

The main results and benefits of the mattress pad conditioning CLIMSOM:

  •   Improving the quality of the night: + 58%
  •   Wake dynamism: + 48%
  •   Improving the quality of the day: 19%
  •   Quietest nights: 24.5% of nocturnal movements
  •   Increased sleep time: 23 minutes

The benefits of a bed at controlled temperature, in addition to comfort and improved quality of sleep, are many. Freshness is a solution to the problem of heavy legs, hot flashes due to menopause and can relieve restless leg disease also known as Ekbom disease Willis. Freshness is also an ally for dieting.

The warm, meanwhile, can relieve people with back pain and low back pain and Raynaud's syndrome. This is also the way to keep feet warm during the winter!

The mattress topper conditioning CLIMSOM very end and that fits all the bedding, is a concentrate of innovation: An adjustable temperature to the nearest degree from 18 ° to 48 ° C    In summer it is ideal to refresh your bed, limit sweating, sweating and hot flashes.    

In winter, it can heat up your bed and say goodbye to cold hands and feet!    

Secure: Unlike blankets you are not in contact with an electrical network    

Economic: the CLIMSOM mattress topper consumes 6-8 times less than a radiator or air conditioner    

Personal: your spouse does not live on the same planet temperature?

With CLIMSOM, go to the right in the comfort temperature difference. It takes only few minutes to install your CLIMSOM.

And its operation is very simple! The mattress topper is placed under your fitted sheet on the device itself it gets under your bed Your remote control allows you to program your mattress pad refreshing / heating CLIMSOM without leaving your bed! 310K + Use tips    

In summer you can not sleep without bedding or without sheet summer? Schedule your CLIMSOM 1 hour before bedtime with the "Timer" and cover your bed in your duvet or your cloth. You will then create a fresh bubble, ideal in times of high heat and heat wave!    In winter program your CLIMSOM in advance through the "Timer" and cover your bed to your quilt for warmth bubble at bedtime.    

Voltage 220-240V
Electric power  Electrique160W (less than 100W on average)
Temperatures 18 to 48 degrees in normal terms
Size  70x190 cm mattress topper
No gel Continuous freshness and breathable textile
Washing  Machine (30 ° C, delicate). No dry cleaning
Certifications  European CE (EMC, LVD, WEEE, RoHS)
Package Contents  On-mattress 70x190 cm + Flexible + Thermocontrôleur 1 meter + Remote control (2 AAA batteries) + User manual
Indications toppers  Refreshing and heating, sleep disorders, insomnia, poor circulation (heavy legs, varicose veins, venous insufficiency)
Indications toppers (continued)  Restless legs and restlessness in the legs, back pain, back pain, lumbago, menopause, sweating, night sweats, menopause, hot flashes, headaches, migraines
Heated mattress  Gentle heat, no electrical resistance on the bed
Garantie 2 years
Indications du surmatelas rafraichissant et chauffant sleep disorders, insomnia, poor circulation, restless legs and restlessness in the legs, back pain, back pain, lumbago, night sweats, hot flashes, night sweats, menopause, headaches, migraines
Pas de gel continuous freshness and breathable textile

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