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Slimming balance, a form in silhouette

Act on appetite, sugars and fat to find the line 

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A natural slimming focused! 

Finally a 100% natural food concentrate to act on the fat loss! 

Balance Slimming Biophenix not contain any chemicals (1), only organic plant extracts and active ingredients as healthy and natural processes (water extraction and lemon, low temperature drying and vacuum). 

With Balance Diet, you take care of your health in addition to losing weight! You will have the insurance to make your body healthy and natural elements for a loss of weight efficient and beneficial to your health. 

Slimming food supplement 

1 bag contains 3.5 grams of beta-glucan from oats. 1 bag with 2 before the main meal, it's like taking the active principles of 6 whole bowls of oatmeal a day, without the calories! 

The approach of Lean Balance is based on 4 actions 

  • Moderate appetite thanks to the action of the fibers "beta-glucan" extracted from organic oat grains that form a natural gel by increasing the feeling of satiety and by influencing favorably on digestion 
  • Limit sugary cravings through progressive assimilation of sugar, limiting spikes and blood sugar drops and acting virtuous spiral: less cravings and satiety => less calories => increased insulin sensitivity => better use of sugar => fewer cravings and satiety ... 
  • Enhance fat breakdown and reduce bad cholesterol by the action of beta-glucan oat. Again the circle is virtuous with reduced calories and reduced fat stored. 
  • Improve intestinal flora, transit and waste disposal, without any loss of vitamins and minerals 

With Slimming Balance, you can enjoy eating without feeling any compulsion to snack without the oppression of cravings, without suffering "urgent need" to eat, causing the failures and frustrations of traditional diets. 

Slimming Balance uses the best of nature for you to diet without a fight ... which is the only effective (and enjoyable) to lose weight. 

Taking Balance Diet is like having at your service a team within your organization ensured sort sugars and fats you eat to better use and dispose avoiding storage, while ensuring the assimilation of vitamins and minerals. By decreasing both caloric intake and impact of sugars and fats, weight loss is mandatory and natural. And the possibility of diabetes or excess cholesterol back together. 

(1) Without colorings, flavorings, sweeteners, excipients, preservatives, maltodextrin, titanium dioxide, silicon dioxide, heavy metals or chemicals. No starch, milk, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat, phytates, GMOs, fish or animal protein.

  • Take 1 sachet 1/4 hour before the two main meals, diluted in a little water or 2 sachets daily. 
  • Perform a one-month treatment to appreciate the difference on your appetite, your weight, your shape and well-being 
  • Perform a cure whenever you feel sweet compulsions or want to control your weight 
  • Single control: use off plan interesting to consider is taking a bag 1 / 4h before a meal that you know are rich in carbohydrates: festive meals, pasta, pizza, pancakes, potatoes, dishes prepared, fast food ... doing your organization better manage the sugars and fats, to limit the effects of the "gap". 

To further see frequently asked questions about weight loss supplement 

  • If during your diet you feel stress, you can usefully take Balance Magnesium, for a synergistic effect with Slimming Balance.
  • If you have difficulty sleeping, also take Sero-T Balance. 

(An overweight person has systematically level of tryptophan and serotonin lower). 

This will significantly increase the success of your diet and your fitness and your well-being felt. 

Certifications Ecocert - AB
Composition Oat fiber, lemon, acacia after acacia, lemon essential oil
Conditionnement Box of 30 sachets of 5 grams
Utilisation 1 bag 1/4 hour before the two main meals, diluted in a little water or 2 sachets daily

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Slimming balance, a form in silhouette