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Pack slimming thermotherapy

  • The ideal pack for a nice figure! 
  • Fight against localized fat 
  • Anti cellulite 
  • Anti orange peel 
  • Anti-cellulite 

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CLIMSOM has designed a package that combines the benefits of heat to the active ingredients of a slimming gel thermo-active for enhanced efficiency. The heat will allow the active to penetrate better, faster and activate the pyrolysis. 

Thermo active slimming pack your Intense is made of a thermo-controller, on-mattress silicone CLIMSOM Intense, a thermo-active gel Laboratoire Bara (Caffeine, Fennel, Ivy ...) and a mattress topper cotton (offered). 

This pack is the ally of your figure for: 

  • Eliminate localized fat 
  • Help weight loss through pyrolysis 
  • Fight against cellulite 
  • Reduce the orange peel 
  • Reduce cellulite 

The ideal pack free weight loss efforts while relaxing and relaxing thanks to the heat! 

Thermolysis :
Upon exposure to high temperature, the body will sweat to maintain its internal temperature constant. Sweating as you evacuate toxins but also the calories! 1 liter of sweat evaporated eliminates approximately 600 calories!

  • Apply and rub the gel on the treated areas. 
  • Set on the mattress Intense between 35 ° and 48 ° C (depending on your heat tolerance). 
  • Lie on the mattress pad so that the gel coated parts are in contact with the mattress topper. 
  • Lying 15 minutes on one side then 15 minutes on the other. 

Initial treatment: 30 minutes / 2 to 3 times per week (or as many times and as much time as the need arises). Duration of treatment: two months.Maintenance treatment: Throughout the year at a rate of once a week.

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Pack slimming thermotherapy