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Pack slimming frigithérapie

  • The ideal pack for beautiful legs! 
  • A slimming ally 
  • Anti cellulite 
  • Anti heavy legs

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The benefits of cold: 

  • Slimming slimming pack: the cold makes us consume more energy and therefore calories 
  • pack frigithérapie Fats: shivering we transform white fat into brown fat easier to remove 
  • Slimming Firming cold: the cold strengthens tissues, your skin is firmer and smoother 
  • Cellulite Slimming frigithérapie: cold stimulus blood circulation, causing the so-called aqueous cellulite and water retention 
  • lose weight with cold Appearance: varicose veins and small vessels are also due to poor circulation.The cold will help prevent and limit their occurrence 
  • frigithérapie Wellness: heavy legs, swollen, painful ... a day standing, shoes with high heels are hurting our legs. The cold will come immediately relieve pain and heaviness. 

The principle : 

  • thinness and frigithérapie A mattress topper refreshing silicone "CLIMSOM Intense" in which circulates the water cooled to 15 ° C 
  • A slim Light legs gel with active ingredients: Menthol (refreshing and decongestant), Gingko (toning and revitalizing) and Red Vine (elasticity and permeability). More information here 

The top mattress and the gel will act in synergy; the cold-mattress Intense will multiply the effects of frost while allowing you to enjoy the benefits of cold (firming, vasoconstrictor, analgesic, anti-inflammatory) and will help to activate thermogenesis. 

Burning calories through thermogenesis: 

During the day, our body temperature is 37 ° C. To maintain this level of heat, our body provides a substantial energy effort consuming nearly 50% of our total energy. When our body is subjected to cold climatic conditions, our metabolism must make an extra effort to keep our bodies at 37 ° C. As small as the length of exposure to cold, the body will consume up to 6 times more energy to maintain body temperature constant. 

So when we expose our bodies to winter temperatures, it follows a sharp increase in our energy consumption. It's the same principle as when you open the fridge door and allowed to open.The latter should provide a significant amount of energy to maintain the temperature. The body draws on its reserves and available reserves burning fat.More exposure time will be long more the effects will be quickly visible.

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Pack slimming frigithérapie