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Duvet 70% duck down

The best quality / price! 

  • 220 x 240 cm 
  • 70% down and 30% feather 
  • 100% natural cotton cover percale 
  • Light, air and thermoregulatory 
  • Ideal summer and winter!

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We simply the best crafted quilt market to better value for money.Compare and you will find that it is not uncommon to find equivalent in quilts several hundred euros more expensive! Comparing our duvet with other offers, here are the items to watch: 

QUALITY OF FILLING: 70% new duvet and 30% new duck feathers Europe, recognized for the quality of their plumage. 

SWELLING INDEX: 675 Cu + in./once. 
The swelling index is between 200 and 800 Cu + Cu +, a high index means that the ducks were confronted with temperatures 4 seasons and their plumage and has optimal thermal properties. 

A tight weave of 150 son / cm² which ensures smooth and resistant to the duvet. 

The CLIMSOM quilt is structured by large tiles that allow the down to be well ventilated and provide an ideal thermoregulation. These tapes also prevent the fluff settle in a corner of the blanket and ensure the homogeneity of the packing. 

CLIMSOM the quilt is 100% natural and treated according to ecological standards. It offers a magnificent swelling, absolute lightness, no mites and optimal thermo making a quilt every season and antiperspirant. 

A natural duvet quality 

The down comforter of CLIMSOM duck duvet is 100% natural, made of 70% down and 30% new feathers of ducks Portugal. Warm in winter and cool in summer, its lifetime is longer than synthetic quilt up to 15 years. 

After removal, the feathers and down are washed, sterilized and sorted according to strict ecological standards, excluding all chemicals and harmful substances. They are degreased and treated anti-mold and anti-bacteria to remove all organic impurities of feathers and down after plucking. 

Down duvets CLIMSOM consist of down and feathers Ducks Europe.Europe Ducks are known to produce the best quality feathers that either. Furthermore the feathers from ducks mature (fluff from young ducks does not swell and offers a low insulating ability). 

The envelope of CLIMSOM duvet is 100% cotton percale, a very fine high quality fabric and pleasant to the touch. Weaving is 150 son / cm², a tight weave that ensures greater quality and greater softness. The quilt is made according to the method of cassettes: the envelope includes partitions (in length and in width) between the upper and lower fabric that avoid cold spots in the comforter and duvet slippage in one direction or the other. In this way, the down is regularly distributed, thus preventing any loss or difference of heat.

  • Very good thermal insulation capacity

Down is allowing the birds that live outside to keep warm. The thickness of the duvet will keep trapped air and thus a very efficient insulation. This is the same insulation system as that used for the double glazing and thermos bottles for example.Choosing a down comforter that is being guaranteed to have a warm duvet in winter and cool in summer. 

  • A duvet that breathes 

The down allows air to circulate and absorb moisture.Sleepers who perspire do not wake up in a puddle! The filling of down allows to store a maximum of air in light flakes that drain and moisture. In addition, the down provides three times as much heat per ounce than synthetics. 

  • A light duvet 

Down a snowflake weighs between 0,001 and 0,002 grams. Thus, a comforter with a one kilogram down filling contains between 0.5 and 1 million down flakes!Down comforters are thus very light and air. They are very comfortable because they do not weigh on the body of the sleeper. 

The ideal duvet for pampering moments and fat mornings in bed!

Composition intérieure 70% down and 30% feathers of ducks Portugal
Dimension 220 x 240cm
Enveloppe extérieure Percale 100% Cotton - high grade son Weaving 150 / cm²
Indications Ideal cover to limit sweating, sweating and hot flashes
Normes Down and feathers sorted, washed according to European ecological standards
Traitement Anti-allergenic, anti mite
Weight 1.5 kg

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Duvet 70% duck down

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