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Silk duvet

A duvet filled with exceptional quality silk 

  • 220 x 260cm 
  • Silk exceptional quality (grade A), 437g / m² 
  • Light and thermoregulatory

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Experience the luxury and comfort of a quilt exceptional quality of silk: 

  • A silk grade of exceptional quality (best in packing). 
  • A strong silk density (437g / m2), well above the traditional offering. 
  • An exceptional value for money 
  • A small carrying pouch accompanies your quilt. 

At CLIMSOM, we think this is the best choice of comforter for the following reasons:

  • FUN to sleep in a quilt made of silk is incomparable. 
  • The touch is soft, the body wrap is delicate. Those who had the opportunity to sleep in a silk duvet know exactly what we mean here. The other will be pleased to discover an incomparable experience. 
  • 100% NATURAL.No synthetic component, any chemical treatment. Silk is derived from cocoons ... That may be why you feel "like a cocoon" ... 
  • VERY RESISTANT. Her outfit remain absolutely perfect for many years (your quilt will "not move" for over 10 years). Silk is woven inside your comforter, its distribution is perfectly uniform and will remain so.
  • Thermoregulatory.This is by far the best choice for a summer duvet for very light. In winter, it will keep your body heat. If you are cautious or you just heat your room or your bed, you can attach one second quilt to the first (see our "2 quilts") for comfort "winter" incomparable. 
  • LIGHT. You will feel enveloped in a cloud ... People prone to heavy legs, hot flashes or night sweats particularly appreciate the lightness. 
  • ANTI-MITE. If you are prone to allergies, you probably know that the mattress and comforter are the preferred places mites.Without any chemical treatment, silk prevents mites to proliferate.Studies show that including silk is the best tolerated fiber by people with eczema or dermatitis. 
  • LITTLE ECOMBRANTE.Very thin quilt made of silk is easy to store, easy to carry. We offer besides a transport and storage suitcase.

This quilt is easy to maintain. We simply recommend aerating your time comforter time.You will rarely need to wash ... but when you want, you can do it in low temperature machine. As the quilt is thin, she comes in your washing machine.No need to wash laundry. Drying on a clothes line is fast and you can even iron your moderate temperature duvet. No other natural duvet can not say that!

Composition Filling 100% mulberry silk / Wrap 100% cotton percale
Facile à nettoyer Ventilation, machine washing, ironing can
Fort grammage en soie 437g / m2 - 2.5 kg
Peu encombrant thin blanket, easy to store, carrying case included
Qualité de soie Outstanding, Grade A
Santé et confort anti-mite, thermoregulatory

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Silk duvet

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