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Balance Magnesium & B6, Shape and serenity

The best ally for the nervous wellness and stress management! 

  • Your Stress ally 
  • 100% organic, 100% derived from nature without any additives 
  • Cross currently the market 

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An anti-stress ally 

It is usually recommended in cases of fatigue, irritability, insomnia and depression to a cure magnesium.This is also a significant boost in stress management. It is also recommended in case of repetitive cramps, tremors, restless legs, tachycardia, migraines and even memory problems. It is often an ally recommended as part of menstrual pain. 

The magnesium also increases need in situations of intensive sports practices, growth, pregnancy, and lactation.Magnesium Balance is a dietary supplement of choice for fitness practitioners. 

Magnesium is also an effective anti-aging supplement: by putting the body ability to deal with aggression, aging back naturally. 

Magnesium is involved in many processes metabolic human body, it improves brain function, memory, bone health, glucose management (and therefore weight management). 

But what magnesium choose? 

first of all, especially not the magnesium tablet containing more unnecessary chemical support for health (excipient) as active ingredient! In addition, most of magnesium supplements are commercially available from a chemical synthesis between an inorganic and an acid ... This gives a non-natural compound such as magnesium stearate, magnesium lactate, magnesium gluconate , magnesium pidolate, etc. Not only are these complexes contain only 10% to 20% magnesium (!), But none of these elements exist in nature ... 

Marine Magnesium is a natural alternative but especially the problem of PH 10, this making it a product not to consume in the long term to not disturb the acid-base balance in the body. 

magnesium balance is to date the best alternative and the only food concentrate based on organic plant perfectly assimilated! 

Extractions full 100% organic plants: dietary supplement vitamin C and natural bio 

Each sachet contains 350 mg of magnesium (a tablet often contains the equivalent of 60 mg), or about 100% RDA and 2650 mg of fiber, minerals and trace elements ensuring transport and assimilation of magnesium. One sachet contains about 10 mg of vitamin B6, which covers the daily need in almost all situations, even when the needs are increased (sports, smoking, ...)

  1. One sachet diluted in a glass of water - you can dilute to taste a fruit juice.However Avoid heat (so do not thin a hot drink).Alternatively, you can dilute the contents of one packet into a bottle of water (eg with Balance Vitamin C) to consume throughout the day. 
  2. Try a course of a month to discover the benefits of Balance magnesium on your relaxation and serenity - a relaxing session in a glass of water 
  3. you may make one of 15 days to 1 month each time you feel a loss of form, nervous or tired at times " at risk "(school year, exams, sports events, stress ...) 

to go further, see also the frequent questions about magnesium 

magnesium and vitamin C are important allies in good health by promoting a strong field exalting the natural defenses of the body.Probably the two best food concentrates in the implementation 

of the famous adage "prevention is better than cure". 

Try a cure organic fruit and vegetable concentrate a month to convince you! The return to form and serenity will be your best evidence of effectiveness.

Certifications Ecocert - AB
Composition Germinated barley, lemon, acacia after acacia, lemon ET
Conditionnement 30 sachets of 3g
Magnésium 350 mg per bag, 100% natural
Utilisation Dilute 1 sachet in a glass of water to drink preferably in the morning
Vitamine B6 10 mg per bag, 100% natural

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Balance Magnesium & B6, Shape and serenity