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Pack Anti Stress

Learn to manage your stress and find sleep 
In the Box: 1 acupressure mat CLIMSOM Zen + 1 program online 4 weeks to manage stress 
A CLIMSOM Zen acupressure mat to release tension 
An online program 4 weeks to help you better manage your stress

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You are stressed because (e) and have trouble sleeping? You can hear (loss) to sleep disorders, insomnia and feel tired (e) all day long? 

The 4-week program "Learn to manage stress better sleep" added to CLIMSOM Zen acupressure mat will help you get fit! This natural anti-stress pack with you to take stock of the sources of your stress and help you cope adequately there to regain your sleep and energy. 

In support of the training program, the acupressure mat used session 20 minutes daily will do wonders on the dissolution of your stress. The psychological approaches (program) and physical (acupressure) act in synergy for a result in depth. 

You just have to be guided by you on the program four weeks and relaxing moments on acupressure points. In four weeks you'll be another man / other woman! 

A 4-week program to help you identify the sources of your stress and deal 

Developed by MySommeil in collaboration with Séverine Brown, a psychologist specializing in the management of sleep disorders , stress and anxiety disorders, this online program includes 1 module per week each time: 

  • An explanatory video 
  • A summary report 
  • manuals exercises 
  • Some relaxation techniques 
  • each module will step help identify and fight against stress eventually lead you to optimize your sleep and prevent insomnia.  

Each week you will receive an email that will give you access to online program modules on the site MySommeil. A valid email when you order is necessary for this package because the activation of the online program and reception modules will be by email. Of course, the acupressure mat will meanwhile delivered by parcel post. 

The goal is to give you information on what stress is, how it is expressed and acquire techniques to limit its impact on your sleep. 

  • 1st week "Stress and sleep" 
  • 2nd week "Lowering his physical tension to sleep better" 
  • 3rd week "Lowering his mental hyperactivity condition before going to bed" 
  • 4th week "sleep better and prevent insomnia " 

A Zen CLIMSOM acupressure mat to help you relax! 

When stress sets in, it is difficult to get rid of. The Zen CLIMSOM acupressure mat will relax you and allow you to fight against stress.With its many peaks acupressure, the mat will come relax muscles, stimulate blood circulation and improve reoxygenation. It will also help your body to secrete endorphins and oxytocin, hormones of happiness and well-being. 

By lying down on the carpet, you feel a penetrating heat in the back that gently lead you but surely in a state of maximum relaxation .Forget the worries of your day and take 20 minutes each evening to relax with the acupressure mat CLIMSOM Zen wellness and relaxation guaranteed!

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Pack Anti Stress