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An anti pack depressed!

The winning duo to keep, of course, form and morale! 
Pack content: 1 light therapy Luminette + 1 cushion acupressure CLIMSOM Zen 
From light therapy to energize 
From acupressure and thermotherapy relax 
winter Blues, temporary depression, low morale ... this package is for you!

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The grissaille and temperatures announce the beginning of autumn and you already feel some melancholy invade you? Work stress, lack of light, fatigue beginning to have because of your good mood and your motivation?You may be doing some of the many people prone to SAD, the disorder Attention Seasonal, or seasonal depression. Or you may experience a difficult period (significant stress, discomfort, breaking, etc ...) and you start to be invaded by a feeling depressed and ill-being. 

CLIMSOM has prepared just for you, a special package to maintain your balance and look for well-being! With CLIMSOM, the focus is naturally on the saving powers of light therapy and acupressure through the glasses of thermotherapy and acupressure pillow. ! A program to boost the hormones of well-being and look, day after day, energy and vitality 

In of bed, we made ​​an energetic 30 minutes of light therapy 

indispensable to our well-being, sun causes the production in the body of serotonin, a neurotransmitter involved in regulating mood, stress management, sleep or appetite.When sunlight is scarce or the interior lighting is too low, then light therapy is an effective alternative to compensate for the lack of light. 

Combining design and practicality of use, luminette light therapy simulates natural light. Issued by 8 emitting diodes (LED), light is sent on a holographic visor and sent, regardless of the viewing direction and the position of the head to the lower part of the retina, particularly rich zone neuronal receptors involved in the therapeutic effect of light. 

Nomade and easily, you can use the luminette at breakfast, and while going about your business (cooking, read a book, watch a movie, work on a computer or during sessions . Fitness) 

by late afternoon uncompress: 20 minutes acupressure 

between various daily tasks and obligations in connection with work or family, the end of the day mark - finally - the cessation of hostilities ... Make this moment of respite, a real moment of well-being, it is possible with the cushion acupressure CLIMSOM Zen!Known for centuries for its beneficial effects, acupressure - derived from acupuncture - stimulates the nerves and blood circulation and promotes the secretion of endorphins and oxytocin (hormone of happiness, well-being and the love). 

CLIMSOM the Zen cushion unites the benefits of acupressure to those of thermotherapy for moments of immediate and localized relaxation. Composed of 1.5 kg of organic spelled seeds of superior quality, the cushion acupressure CLIMSOM Zen brings comfort and optimal support. 

Previously Placed 2-3 minutes in the microwave, its gentle heat causes total relaxation of the neck and shoulder muscles, thus promoting their easing and the blood supply. Comfort of the sofa or lying in bed, daily use will relieve the tension accumulated behind many ailments (muscle contractions, muscle aches, back pain, headaches ...) and naturally free of the effects of stress. 

with its combination of light therapy and acupressure, depression of the season and the winter blues will be a distant memory!

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An anti pack depressed!