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A full pack of acupressure!

For those addicted to acupressure, enjoy its benefits in all its forms! 

  • An acupressure mat Zen CLIMSOM 
  • A cushion acupressure and thermotherapy CLIMSOM Zen 
  • A beauty mask Acupressure and Wellness
  • A relaxing acupressure ring

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A complete package that allows you to discover all the benefits of acupressure 

Enjoy a session of well being and relaxation complete with all accessories acupressure. A relaxed mind in a relaxed body! 

The carpet and cushion acupressure CLIMSOM Zen 

To relieve your back pain, boost blood circulation, relax, fight against stress and ailments everyday .... so many benefits that supply and use of acupressure mat cushion, ideal for applications localized for neck pain, low back pain, etc. Learn More 

Mask acupressure and beauty Acuphoria 

A beauty innovation and well-being that comes from Australia. This mask uses the benefits of acupressure to relax and restore vitality to your complexion! Its design allows customized use and comfort makes it a usable mask at any time of the day. Read more 

The acupressure ring 

It fits everywhere and offers the opportunity to relax in seconds wherever you are! A little bit of stress in the subway? An annoyance at the office? Take your ring and roll out some sinstants on your fingers! Read more

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    The acupressure beauty mask  You feel stressed and tired?  And it shows on your skin? Try the beauty mask Acuphoria!

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    Acupressure CLIMSOM: superior quality, 100% organic and trendy design! 100% organic materials!  organic cotton cover and inside fiber organic coconut: non-allergenic, sound, solid unlike synthetic foams  Supplied with a detailed accompanying booklet and a carrying bag  A new color happens: White!

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    A cushion of unique quality that combines the benefits and comfort to those spelled acupressure! Upper Spelt bio, organic cotton.  Spelt aid to relaxation and provides optimal temperature regulation and the moisture  acupressure CLIMSOM: superior quality, soft colors and maximum comfort

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A full pack of acupressure!