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Erotic acupressure box

  • Your pleasure is at hand! 
  • The benefits for body and mind 
  • Restart your libido and boost your enjoyment 
  • The key word? Enjoy! 

Composed of 2 accessories acupressure, massage oils 2, 2 mini soaps and a detailed instruction booklet

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Awaken your desire and increase your pleasure with acupressure 

Used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine to revitalize sexuality and help treat sexual disorders, acupressure has many benefits for the body and mind. 

Increase her pleasure 

L acupressure relaxes you and liberates you from stress and allow you to enjoy the moment. Indeed, what could be more devastating to his libido than being caught by his daily worries in the evening on the pillow? 

Acupressure is based on the vital energy or IQ that if he runs bad, can affect the balance the body and lead to sexual disorders. The erotic acupressure cabinet will thus boost the circulation of this vital energy by working on 5 acupressure points, detailed in a booklet to guide you. 

An easy and fun way to boost his libido and spend an evening under the sign of eroticism and wellness ... 

  • the acupressure point "Yong Quan" or "bubbling spring": Located in the foot, acupressure point will come stimulate the kidneys which in Chinese tradition contain the vital essence and sexual vitality. It will thus boost sexual desire and enhance lovemaking. 
  • Point "Lao Gong" or "master-heart": This point is located in the palm of the hand and helps boost circulation in the meridian of the same name . He hunts and the blues and depression by giving you energy and relaxing your mind. 
  • Point "Qi Hai": This is the point of emotional interaction of the body. It is below the navel and is primarily for men. His Stimulus helps boost energy in the sexual organs. Poor circulation IQ at this level may indeed be the cause of decreased libido and erectile dysfunction. 
  • Point "Zu San Li" or "paragraph 36": Also for men. This point, below the knees, will act on the lower body, including the genitals, to reinvigorate if erectile weakness. 
  • Point "San Yin Jiao": It is located at the ankle and brings together the three Yin meridians of the lower body. This acupressure point is primarily for women by acting on hormonal disorders and lack of libido. It will thus stimulate sexual desire and promote inner harmony for a quieter mind. 

You just have to use both accessories acupressure and massage oils present in the erotic acupressure box and you guided by our explanatory booklet for pure erotic moment. 

acupressure is not a quest for performance but simply a help to find a sex balance and stimulate your desire. The key to success ?To have a good time ! So mostly you let go and have fun! 

Package Composition: 

  • 1 oil "Sensual blend" with notes of geranium 
  • 1 oil "Warming blend" the orange peel rating 
  • 2 small soaps in the shape of heart (and their black organza pouch) 
  • 1 stick acupressure 
  • acupressure 1 pistol 
  • 1 explanatory booklet to guide you through the stimulation of acupressure points
Composition 2 + 2 Accessories acupressure massage oils + 2 + 1 know explanatory booklet
Compositions des huiles et savons Oils and soaps are 100% natural
Contenance 100ml

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Erotic acupressure box