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Cushion acupressure and thermotherapy

A cushion of unique quality that combines the benefits and comfort to those spelled acupressure!

  • Upper Spelt bio, organic cotton. 

Spelt aid to relaxation and provides optimal temperature regulation and the moisture 
acupressure CLIMSOM: superior quality, soft colors and maximum comfort

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Practiced daily, acupressure is a discipline that, like the Yoga, ensures health and serenity every day. 

Small cushion, great effects 

Handmade in a small French studio, the inner cushion is made ​​from organic spelled balls, and will bring you comfort and well-being unprecedented. 

Zen CLIMSOM cushion unites the benefits of acupressure to those of thermotherapy for moments of relaxation immediate and localized.

the quality and quantity of padding make a pillow that brings comfort and optimal support. Soft and comfortable, spelled the ball ensures a continuation of the neck and cervical especially nice. 

Spelt contained in the bag is of a higher quality. It consists only of a large volume of organic spelled balls that give it an unrivaled thermal power. Your pillow will keep its temperature more time than any other heating pad. CLIMSOM The cushion is made ​​in a small workshop French pays particular attention to finishes and quality. 

The pillow is spelled micro lift, blocking your head into the desired position and allowing a total relaxation of the neck muscles and shoulders, encouraging them and easing blood flow. 

You can very easily stall under the neck, lower back, legs and place on a bed, a chair, a car ... Thick and comfortable it will a vértiable nice support and retain all its thermal properties for a long time, bringing you relief and relaxation. 

What use to what effect? 

​​heated: heat and acupressure her the tools to relieve spasms, torticollis or the 'arthritis. You can easily position it on the neck, lower back or stomach. The gentle heat and penetrating will soothe your tensions immediately while giving you an incredible feeling of comfort. The acupressure points in their turn will perfect this moment of relaxation thanks to the loosening of the nervous system and a new blood supply, carrying with it nutrients and oxygen. The release of endorphins and oxytocin will gradually bring you to a state of optimal serenity. 

Cooled: freshness is recommended to relieve bruises, inflammation and bruising. The application of cold provides anti immediate pain effect.The release of endorphins and oxytocin, through acupressure, will lead you progressively to a state of perfect relaxation. 

The format of acupressure pillow make it a perfect complement to the acupressure mat. You can place it on target areas: neck, lower back, calves ... the heat or cool as needed and combined with acupressure mats to which it attaches easily. 


A US study conducted in 1995 (followed many others) already demonstrated the different benefits of acupressure mat. Conducted among 126 people, the results highlight the benefits of this alternative medicine: 
Acupressure, reflexology and thermotherapy 

Why choose CLIMSOM Zen Acupressure 

Acupressure is suitable for all ages, young and old. Natural and without side effects entirely, acupressure is like Yoga, a discipline that helps keep a healthy mind in a healthy body and who practice all year for a preventive and wellness at quoitidien! 

CLIMSOM offers its range CLIMSOM Zen, acupressure mat and cushion, designed to bring you the best of acupressure. The cushion is made ​​of quality materials, fully organic, the microdots in non-allergenic and non-recycled plastic that ensure comfort and durability and a spelled cushion hand made ​​in a small workshop French. The casing is made ​​of 100% organic cotton and the cushion of 100% organic spelled balls, healthy material, hypoallergenic and maximum thermal power. The quality of Spelt Pillow make sustainable in time. 

The acupressure pillow uses a unique method, safe and completely natural, recognized by medicine. 

To go further with acupressure 

mask acuphoriaDécouvrez acupressure beauty mask Acuphoria of acupressure: an innovative product from Australia that uses the benefits of acupressure to combine relaxation and facial. 

the must? Enjoy a full acupressure pause: lie back, quiet, on your acupressure mat and put on your mask Acuphoria. 

Do you also CLIMSOM the acupressure ring? ON did rolled on the fingers to relax quickly anywhere. It quickly becomes addictive! It also offers visible results for those who suffer from osteoarthritis in the fingers.

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Cushion acupressure and thermotherapy

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