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Acupressure Mat

Acupressure CLIMSOM: superior quality, 100% organic and trendy design!

  • 100% organic materials! 
  • organic cotton cover and inside fiber organic coconut: non-allergenic, sound, solid unlike synthetic foams 
  • Supplied with a detailed accompanying booklet and a carrying bag 
  • A new color happens: White!

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Practiced daily, acupressure is a discipline that, like the Yoga, ensures health and serenity in everyday life. The carpet CLIMSOM Zen allows to enjoy the benefits of acupressure with an envelope 100% organic cotton and fiber rug 100% organic coconut. 

CLIMSOM Zen, your life partner 

CLIMSOM zen, carpet welfare through excellence 

Known for millennia, acupressure is a very simple but effective method of doing good! 

For this you only have to lie a few minutes each day on the acupressure mat and let you go ... for a moment of absolute well-being. 

Recognized and adopted by thousands of followers and customers, acupressure is in several ways: 

It boosts the blood circulation which has the effect of eliminating toxins, re-oxygenate the blood and help transport nutrients essential to our well being and our health 

It liberates endorphins and ocitocynes: these two hormones welfare will bring you a sense of well-being immediate gradually causing you to an optimal state of relaxation 

It relieves pain immediately thanks to the loosening and relaxation of the nervous system 

It acts in depth: the effects are not than immediate, it acts on the longer-term causes for lasting relief

Acupressure is suitable for all ages, young and old. entirely natural and without side effects, acupressure is like Yoga, a discipline that helps keep a healthy mind in a healthy body and practice all year for a preventive and wellness at quoitidien! 

heavy legs and acupressure 

You have heavy legs problems, varicose veins, restless legs? 

Acupressure boost blood circulation, it will not only act immediately on the pain and heaviness but it also goes to the long term fight against poor blood circulaiton and varicose veins or more severe problems (eg OEDEMAS) . 

You suffer from back pain? back pain, neck pain, herniated discs, arthritis, sciatica or muscle pain are familiar to you? 

Acupressure is for you! By releasing endorphins, acupressure will initially relieve your pain. By raising the blood circuation, acupressure will help to unravel the various tensions and contractures that worsen your pain.It will relax the muscles in depth, release the pressure between the vertebrae, improve blood circulation and nerve in the back and improve hydration vertebral discs. 

You are stressed and anxious? 

The practice of acupressure several times a week allows you to relax and releasing muscle tension. If it is not always easy to meditate or practice yoga with acupressure you have nothing else to do but lie on the acupressure mat. 

You have problems sleeping, insomnia? 

By releasing endorphins and releasing the muscles, acupressure will help you relax.Improved blood circulation will bring as a wave of warmth throughout your body and you move progressively to a state of optimal relaxation. 


A US study conducted in 1995 (followed by many others) already demonstrated the different benefits of acupressure mat. Conducted among 126 people, the results highlight the benefits of this alternative medicine: 
Acupressure, reflexology and thermotherapy 
This study also shows that during the first 5 uses 46% of users were very uncomfortable carpet and 42% uncomfortable.But after the first 5 uses the ratio was reversed: 52.5% found it very comfortable and 36.5% comfortable 89% of people conquered! 

For many other studies have followed showing all the benefits that can provide acupressure and millions of testimonials from users worldwide continues to grow!

CLIMSOM offers a range CLIMSOM Zen, acupressure mat and cushion, designed to bring you the best of acupressure. The carpet is made of quality materials, 100% organic, the microdots in non-allergenic and non-recycled plastic that ensure comfort and durability. The envelope is made of 100% organic cotton and mat 100% organic coconut fiber, a clean material, hypoallergenic and anti-mite and which is maintained for many years. The design of the points has been studied so as to distribute the optimum pressure force whatever your corpulence. 

The carpet CLIMSOM Zen is accompanied by detailed explanatory notes and a carrying bag to take your acupressure mat everywhere! The acupressure mat uses a unique method, safe and completely natural, recognized by medicine. 

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Acupressure Mat

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