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silky cloth silk CLIMSOM

Your nights will no longer be such .... 

  • Size: 230 x 275 cm 
  • Silky and delicate 
  • Ivory

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Why sleep in silk sheets? For softness and feel-good. Contrary to popular belief, it does not slip into the silk sheets. Confused, wrongly, the silk sheets with their copy satin or polyester. These materials are slippery and do not provide the benefits of silk. 

The silk used is 19 Mommes, an exceptional quality that gives it strength, flexibility and durability and a special feeling: chic, romantic, sensual, silky and luxurious, discover the pleasure of sleeping in silk sheets! 

Marilyn Monroe, Grace Kelly, Catherine Deneuve or Natalie Portman, all were conquered by gentleness, pleasure and benefits of silk. You also give yourself a dream and share a moment of pleasure thanks to the silk sheets.You'll be able to do without! 


"The silkworm was discovered in China by Empress Xi Ling-Shi. Legend has it that she was drinking tea under a mulberry tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. Wanting to get it back, a soft silk s 'tore out and she pulled over the wire stretched ... the wrapping around his finger to reap yet she felt a gentle heat. the Empress spoke about her and so developed sericulture. "

Silk is an ally of beauty size: 

  • Cloth silk It keeps moisture in the skin and hair.Your creams are absorbed by your skin rather than being absorbed by your cotton linens. Silk and prevents dry skin and rough and dry, split ends. 
  • It is ideal for sensitive skin: it prevents inflammation and itching. It prevents and reduces irritation, eczema and various skin problems. 
  • Silk lets the skin breathe and is anti bacterial.What avoid acne pimples and other phenomena triggered or aggravated by materials like cotton. 
  • It contains 18 amino acids and proteins that help cell regeneration and limit lines and wrinkles. 
  • Thermoregulatory, silk keeps you warm when it's cold and keeps you cool when it's hot. 

The silk sheets CLIMSOM are not chemically treated. The silk production requires no pesticides or herbicides often found in textiles.Mulberry silk is made from silkworms reared in captivity in temperature controlled environments free of predators. This is one reason why silk is a better choice for those who want to reduce their exposure to chemicals.

We recommend washing silk by hand with soap or detergent containing no bleach, or essential oils, detergent or other product that could damage the fiber.Leave not soak too long silk it can relax the fibers.You can also switch the machine on gentle cycle (eg in putting a safety net). Again pay attention to washing product used. Better to take a most basic soap as possible.Leave to dry silk outdoors, never bring the kiln. You can then switch back to using the "silk" of your iron.

Certifications Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Coloris Ivory
Composition 100% Mulberry Silk chemically untreated + elastic fibers holding the ankle
Dimension 230 x 275 cm
Entretien We recommend washing silk by hand with soap or detergent containing no detergent or other product that could damage the fiber. Leave not soak too long silk it can relax the fibers. You can also switch the machine on delicate cycle.

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silky cloth silk CLIMSOM

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