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SnB for Men

Silk masculine 

  • Hair loss limit 
  • Fight fine lines and wrinkles 
  • Moisturize your skin without even thinking!

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Gentlemen this pillow is for you! 

Because it can be binding to take care of her skin and hair, Beauty Sleep-created the silk pillowcase SnB for Men, especially designed for men! 

But what does it so great? 

It limits the hair loss and thus baldness. Silk is very smooth and soft, it thus allows hair to slide on the pillowcase and limit the friction of the hair. Hair that rub least this is hair that fell less! Similarly if the scalp rubs least it is less attacked and hair loss is thereby limited. 
Silk will keep the hydration of the skin and hair. Indeed unlike other materials such as cotton, silk does not absorb natural moisture produced by our body. Results not only the facial skin also becomes more beautiful and more relaxed, but it also limits the appearance of dandruff often present when the scalp is dry. The hair also benefits from this, keeping their hydration they keep their suppleness and shine. Silk and limit dry, brittle hair. 
If you wear a beard, you will also enjoy the contact with the silk like hair, dehydration and limit breaks, for a soft and silky hair! And if you are prone to ingrown hairs, the pillow can be an important ally! 
The combination keeps the moisture and extreme softness, is particularly useful for sensitive skin, damaged or acne-prone. Since the skin does not rub, it is less attacked and thus less irritated in the morning. The softness of silk is very popular among men who shave their beards and suffering from mild redness and tingling due to the razor. Also for problem skin, already irritated and assaulted by anti buttons care! And maintaining the hydration of the epidermis, the silk will alleviate dry skin effect and soothe minor irritations. 
If you do not have the patience to put night cream, silk pillowcase is made for you! You get a whole night care by simply continues by asking your head on! 
Beauty Sleep-brand is a guarantee of 100% silk pillowcase on all sides of the pillowcase, untainted, without any chemicals. From worms breeding mulberry silk, they are thus subject to no pesticides.

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SnB for Men