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Sleep-woman Beauty Box

Wake up in style! 

  • 100% Mulberry Silk, the finest silk and the best quality 
  • 19 momme is one of the highest grades in quality silk 
  • 100% natural, untreated, undyed, hypoallergenic

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Find out why silk pillowcase Beauty Sleep-makes all the difference 

There are many pillowcases silk market, but the pillowcase Sleep-Beauty is composed of the highest quality silk existing (and the whole pillowcase ) and worked finishes that allow you to enjoy all the benefits of silk optimum and sustainable manner. Also the pillowcase is presented in an elegant box, signing the prestigious Sleep-Beauty. 

Our silk has qualities that makes it unique: 

A silk pillowcase pillow 100% natural and 100% mulberry silk farming . The worms are not subject to predators silk avoids the use of pesticides or other chemicals that could alter the qualities of silk and create allergies.
The purity and strength of the silk thread used and worked finishes make the pillowcase Sleep-Beauty, silk pillowcase of the highest quality. And all the pillowcase is made ​​of the same quality. 
It contains 18 amino acids and natural proteins. They limit the static electricity, enough to avoid ébourrifés and matted hair in the morning! Besides the softness of silk prevents aggressive friction which causes hair loss. 


"The silkworm was discovered in China by Empress Xi Ling-Shi. Legend has it drinking tea under a mulberry tree when a cocoon fell into her cup. wanting to get it back, a soft silk thread broke away and she pulled over the wire stretched ... the wrapping around his finger for power get even, she felt a gentle heat. the Empress spoke about her and so developed sericulture. " 

LovelyLaety tested the silk pillowcase and love it!

Silk does not dehydrate: unlike cotton silk does not absorb moisture from the skin and hair. It avoids you wake up with skin and dry hair. It does not absorb creams you apply.You can finally enjoy your beauty treatment instead whether your pillowcase who benefits! 
Silk is soft and limit inflammation.It is therefore essential ally for people with skin problems: acne, eczema, etc ... 
Silk is naturally antibacterial and hypoallergenic. . Ideal for people allergic or sensitive 
Silk is refreshing: contact with the silk is a little cooler than any other material. It is the ideal to avoid sweating and for faster sleep onset. 

Trim your pillow in a pillowcase in silk, it is also taste a tactile pleasure without equal.Softness and voluptuousness of contact with your skin a silky pillow ...

Your pillowcase evening is hand washable in soapy, warm water without soaking or washing machine at 30 ° C with a delicate program without spin. Be sure to dry your pillowcase laissser outdoors. Once dry, you can iron your pillowcase on the back to a temperature between 110 ° C and 150 ° C. 

What you should never do: 

  • Never spray perfume or deodorant on silk 
  • Never wash with a bleaching agent 
  • Never soak silk 
  • Do not expose silk too long to direct sunlight 
  • Always iron silk on the back 
  • Never wring silk

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Sleep-woman Beauty Box

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