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Silk mask CLIMSOM

  • White or black! 
  • A silk mask for the youth of your eyes 
  • Outer shell silk and cotton inside 
  • Blue or purple Transport Bag 
  • For a mask 100% silk interior and exterior find the night mask Silk Sleep-beauty

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Invented there for many years by the Japanese, the sleep mask has become a must that it quickly becomes difficult to pass. That night mask will make you hooked!Composed of 100% mulberry silk, it is both comfortable, anti-light, anti-fatigue and anti-wrinkle! CLIMSOM The mask comes in an elegant satin pouch to take it everywhere with you! 

Silk secsEn feet immersing yourself completely in the dark, your night mask is ideal for traveling, for a little power nap in a hotel room with transparent curtains, etc ... Small and lightweight, you can drag it anywhere. 

A beauty mask that you will both gain in quality sleep and skin quality: 

  • You will fall asleep more easily and enjoy a deep and restful sleep 
  • Enjoy wrinkle and anti dry skin silk benefits 

The winning duo for a beautiful and glowing skin. Then opt for revival looks good with beauty mask CLIMSOM! 

Sleep mask CLIMSOM silk is made from 100% Mulberry Silk outside and cotton padded inside. For a mask 100% silk and 100% smoothly, inside and outside, discover the silk sleep mask Sleep-Beauty!

Silk, your best ally beauty: 

  • With 18 amino acids and proteins that compose silk prevents the appearance of lines and wrinkles.Its softness will protect the delicate skin around the eyes at night. 
  • Hypoallergenic and antibacterial, silk is ideal for sensitive and delicate skin it prevents skin inflammation and reduces imperfections (acne, itching, eczema ...) 
  • Thermoregulatory: you do not perspire under your mask. 
  • The silk preserves the hydration of the skin unlike other materials.No more alarm clocks with dry or wrinkled skin. You can also enjoy all the benefits of your cream that will not end up absorbed by a mask made ​​of cotton or synthetic, depriving you of all the benefits of your treatment. 
  • Silk offers maximum comfort, a velvety touch and a chic look.What give you the Diva-like!

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Silk mask CLIMSOM

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