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Magnesium 200ml oil

  • 200ml bottle 
  • Unparalleled purity 
  • 100% Zechstein water with a concentration of 31% magnesium chloride 
  • bottle of 200 mL (two months of treatment) 
  • magnesium oil is following the Zechstein Sea

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Product Overview 

magnesium oil is used as a massage oil and has a relaxing and décontractantes virtues. Non-greasy and odorless it is very pleasant to use. 

To fight against our poor food magnesium, one solution is applied to the skin of Magnesium, in the same way that our ancestors were involved in thalassotherapy. The only problem is the cleanliness of the product, which must not contain impurities which is why the oil provided by our partner is taken from an ancient underground unpolluted sea. This is the purest earthly source of magnesium. 

Magnesium oil is bottled without any additives directly at the output of the source. The bottles are bluish glass of French manufacturing, ensuring quality glass (it is made ​​from clay). This oil is guaranteed Zechstein Inside®. 


magnesium oil has a very ancient origin. It is extracted from the Zechstein Sea. This ancient subterranean sea dating back over 250 million years, is located two kilometers underground in the Netherlands. This naturally rich source of high quality magnesium chloride and trace elements is free of all air pollution and all heavy metals. 

Water is sent underground where it mixes with sediment residues of this petrified sea. The water is then réupérée to the surface. Dilution is naturally to 31% of magnesium chloride. The extraction is environmentally friendly and water used in the area is replaced by the company, partly founded by the Dutch government.

Magnesium oil benefits are many: 

  • relaxing effect and helps with sleep and sleepiness 
  • Anti-stress and helps with general relaxation 
  • Relieves and reduces cramps and heavy legs 
  • relieves nervous tension 
  • Relaxes tired feet 
  • Stimulates hair grows and strengthens nails 
  • Promotes muscle recovery and joint flexibility
Certifications Zechstein Inside
Flacon 200ml
Indications stress, relaxation, massage oil, relaxation, heavy legs, cramps, muscle tension, muscle pain, skin diseases, sleep disorders, insomnia, hair care, joint pain, scars oil, cosmetics, magnesium cure
Ingrédients 100% water Zechstein rich in trace elements and 31% of magnesium chloride
Source Zechstein Sea

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Magnesium 200ml oil