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Boxer Snowballs

  • Underwear for men refreshing 
  • Increase Testosterone Naturally 
  • Improve Male Fertility 
  • Recover after surgery and improve comfort

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The refresh of the scrotum should be obvious health! 

Nature has placed human testes in an external pouch to the body (called the scrotum) for good reason: the efficient production of "factory in sperm and testosterone" than are our testicles is optimal under 36 ° C or more than 1 degree below the temperature inside the body. 

But then, the modern lifestyle makes us wear warm clothes and often keeps us sitting ... which destroyed this temperature difference and with it our ability to create testosterone and sperm in optimum quantity and quality. 

studies show that cold applied to the scrotum allows an increase in testosterone levels and improving male fertility naturally, fast and significant. 

Place the gel pockets "SnowWedges" about 1 hour in a freezer before inserting them in the specific compartment of your underpants Snowballs for a cool effect of about 30 minutes. For best results, it is advisable to wear Snowballs shorts with gel pockets refreshed, about 2 hours per day at the time of your choosing. 

The Snowballs package we offer includes 2 drawers and 3 gel pockets. 

The Snowballs method 

  • increase its testosterone naturally 
    • The refresh of the testicles is a method used long ago to increase its testosterone naturally. Russian builders already used this approach in the 80 to gain muscle mass. The research institute thrombosis in London has published a study in 1993 on the link between chilling and increase testosterone levels. More recently, ice baths and cold showers are also a method recommended by Tim Ferris in his "The Four Hour Body" book. Snowballs is a method less "violent" and preferred to achieve these results and allows localized applications on much longer durations for more efficiency. 
  • The natural testosterone has many beneficial effects on the body, it: 
    • Promotes construction muscle mass and athletic performance 
    • Prevents fat mass (best fat burning) 
    • Helps bone density 
    • stimulates the libido and improves the quality of sex 
    • low scrotal temperature is essential for testosterone production. For optimum operation, testicular temperature should be between 31 and 36 ° C. The layers of clothes we wear, prolonged sitting positions or too hot showers have a negative impact on the proper production of testosterone. Remain seated and hold so may increase scrotal temperature up to 6 ° C!Wearing shorts Snowballs will help to lower the temperature of the testes and increase natural testosterone production (endogenous testosterone).
    • Conversely, an excess of exogenous testosterone supplementation (synthetically produced) can have a negative impact on spermatogenesis . No longer need to produce sperm, the testicles will gradually stop doing their work and begin to shrink.
    • It is therefore essential to favor a natural increase in testosterone and flee (unless of course medical opinion) testosterone synthetic.The refresh is a simple and inexpensive way to do it, with other natural methods. 
  • Improving fertility 
    • Male fertility is about 40% of design challenges. But the good news is that 88% are treatable and 75% are due to a problem (quantity and quality) of sperm that the refresh of the scrotum can largely improve.Three different studies shows that 33% of infertile men have scrotal hypethermie. Snowballs could be decisive for 13% of couples experiencing difficulties conceiving, while useful to more than 95% of them (as a permanent sterility is announced that in 3-4% of cases).A selection of scientific sources (in English) is available on the website Snowballs partner. A review of studies is also available in French here.
    • Too much heat hinders testicular spermatogenesis, which results in a lower quality sperm and in smaller quantities. The use of the pants Snowballs, by acting directly on the refresh of the testicles, will lead to a better sperm production: studies show up to a doubling of the concentration and motility. Reset the scrotum, 1 ° C or more, regularly, improves spermatogenesis and sperm quality. Use 3 months to 2 hours a day is optimal to significantly increase their chances of conception. Indeed, this is the time required for biological renewal of sperm. In the US this technique has been used successfully for many years.
    • If after one year corresponding to regular sex, attempts to conceive are unsuccessful, we can at this point to talk about fertility disorder.A visit to the doctor will be required to make a diagnosis and guide treatment as appropriate. It is important not to confuse "infertility" and "sterility". Infertility can actually be reversible. Infertility is a strict sense a final and irreversible state for a couple to have a child. 
  • Recover after an operation
    • The underpants Snowballs is also particularly useful after a vasectomy, hydrocelectomy a varicocelectomy, an operation of inguinal hernia or any other operation in this sensitive area of the male anatomy. The freshness of application specified by any surgeon in his post-operative recommendations will act locally for quick and lasting relief. You will not need to walk around with a bag of frozen peas on the crotch (as is still often recommended for lack of an alternative!). The Snowballs will keep you cool while giving you your freedom of movement (and peas for dinner). 

The underwear is made ​​of organic cotton. Soft and comfortable, it can be worn all day with or without gel packs SnowWedges. 

Available in 4 sizes: 

Size * 


74-79 cm 

81-86 cm 

89-94 cm 


94-99 cm 

* The Snowballs leggings have a slim fit. If in doubt, we recommend you take a size larger than your usual size. 

Frileux, afraid of being cold! The idea of placing an ice gel pocket between the thighs can cool more than one ... Let each one assured, contrary to what one might think, refresh the genitals provides a very pleasant sensation. Indeed, we must not confuse internal temperature and feeling hot and cold. For example, a person who has the temperature was very cold, it may even shiver. A cautious person necessarily has an internal temperature too high. Decrease the internal temperature contributes less than nervousness ...

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