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LightAir Evolution

The most effective air purifier and the most stylish on the market! 

  • A healthy technology: no ozone emissions 
  • Eliminates 99.94% of fine particlues 
  • Economical: low power consumption and no filters to change 
  • Ultra silent 
  • Covers 50m²

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Lightair is the most effective cleaner indoor air and healthier market. Find out why it is so important to be equipped. 

A healthy environment 

is often talked about pollution when we are outside. But do you know that indoor air is 5-7 times more polluted than outdoor air?And do you know that you spend on average 50% of your time at home and 40% at work, or almost the entire day in a closed polluted area? 

Computers, cigarette smoke, mold, viruses, household products, paintings, etc ... for a total of 359 indoor pollutants referenced by OQAI (Source: OQAI observatory of air quality Indoor) 

Open windows at least 10 minutes morning and evening is the first step to take to ventilate and clean the house but you will not escape to fine particles, exhaust, pollen and other pollutants. 

these pollutants cause asthma, allergies, illnesses, headaches, insomnia and many other disorders more or less serious and disabling. 

Think about it: we eat 1 kg of food per day, drink 1.5 liters of water and breathe up to 20 000 liters of air! 

Clear the air in a healthy way! 

There are many air purifiers on the market using 3 different techniques: 

  • The filters they are chemical, mechanical or electronic, need to be changed regularly. Handling can be tricky because you must not again fall accumulated dust. The air also tends to miss the filter and the filter to clog significantly reducing the efficiency of this type of installation. 
  • The photocatalysis: by not completely degrading the molecules it often makes them more harmful. Photocatalysis is widely discouraged personal use. 
  • The ions: highly effective, however, they also generate ozone and thus become harmful to health. Lightair is the only ionizing air purifier generating no ozone gas (source).


3 Corona needle on the top of the purifier generates negative ions which charge the air particles negatively. When these charged particles they will either fall to the ground or be attracted to the collector, positively charged. 


Innovation Lightair 

air purifier Lightair is what makes it more efficient and healthier market in terms of air purifiers: 

  • Efficient: Lightair air purifier removes 5am to 99.94% of the most harmful fine particles and generating health problems: dust, pollen, bacteria, allergens, pollution, fumes ... 
  • Healthy: Lightair is the only model to get such a strong production of negative ions (and thus possessing unparalleled efficiency) without producing ozone. 
  • Silent: Lightair to a noise level of 5 dB when other market products emit a noise level between 35 and 80 dB. You really lend the pillow to hear how the Lightair. 
  • Economic: no filters to change and a 7W consumption per hour, below the other existing models.An important point when we know that a cleaner can be kept on permanently. To give you an idea, let your Lightair on for 24 hours will cost you about 2.3 cents. 
  • Simple, elegant: just plug it and clean the manifold by simply passing it under water when celui- is dirty. You will notice the good efficiency of your air purifier through the dust that will come put it. 

The design of Lightair, winning several awards, is simple and elegant and allows you to put it in any room. You can turn on whether a small mood light for added style.It will be a popular decorative element and raise the curiosity of your friends. 

Lightair also generates a healthy indoor environment and invigorating if you were at the edge of a waterfall in nature! 

Studies and patents 

Numerous studies have shown the effectiveness negative ions on the air purification. Lightair uses two patented complementary technologies and IonFlow CellFlow.Research conducted in 2007 by scientists at Linköping University and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Sweden indicates that technology IonFlow Lightair is the first to demonstrate its effectiveness on non spread of influenza virus in the air! 

Find all the studies on the benefits of the ionization of the air purifier Lightair: 

  • Environmental analysis with use of Lightair
  • Reduction of fines
  • Effectiveness Lightair 

Dimension 19x59 cm
Lieux d'utilisation Home, office, public space (nurseries, schools, sports halls), hospitals, medical offices, beauty and care institutes
Niveau sonore 5 dB
Ozone 0 PPM
Portée 50 m²
Problèmes de santé concernés Asthma, bronchiolitis, respiratory, fatigue problems, headaches, insomnia, difficulty concentrating, allergies, heart and vascular diseases, cancers, known cures "Detox" ...

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LightAir Evolution