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Acuphoria mask

The acupressure beauty mask 
You feel stressed and tired? 
And it shows on your skin?
Try the beauty mask Acuphoria!

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The stress. Created by your mind, reflected on your skin. A prematurely wrinkled skin. Your skin barrier abyss when you face a high level of stress. In question, the stress hormone, cortisol, which slows the renewal of skin cells causing damage in your skin barrier. 

The next time you feel the need to de-stress, wear the mask Acuphoria 20 minutes and breathe.

A therapeutic mask, designed to improve the appearance of your skin and your overall well-being.The mask acupressure Acuphoria allows you to relieve stress while stimulating the deeper layers of your epidermis, dermis and subcutaneous tissue, that creams can not reach. 

LovelyLaety has tested and approved the mask acupressure Acuphoria!

Stress does not ride your mind 

Through the stimulation of 3 acupressure points located on the face using small balls real money, Acuphoria mask will relax and relax facial muscles, improve oxygenation of cells and the bloodstream to activate the natural production of collagen. This reduces skin blemishes, enhance the grain and the general appearance of the skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. If you are concerned about the appearance of your skin, relax.And experience the benefits of beauty mask Acuphoria.

"Enjoy the benefits of acupressure at home" 

Mask acupressure youthful skin 

  • The acupressure points E2: this is also known as the "four white." It is about 1 finger below the orbit and on the same line as the pupil.In addition to limiting the acne and blemishes, this helps improve the general appearance of the skin for a youthful complexion and healthy. The E2 acupressure point also helps to decongest, défatiguer and brighten the look. 
  • The E3 acupressure point: also known as the "Beauty Face", it is directly in point E2 on the lower part cheekbone.Enabling this improves the facial muscle tone and increases blood circulation helping to fight against dark circles and facial markings. This is a gateway that allows energy Qi and blood to flow freely and easily.This is also used by some successfully for facial paralysis. 
  • The acupressure point Yin Tang: better known as the "third eye."Situated between the eyes, this is the relaxation acupressure point par excellence. It calms the mind, fight against sleep disorders and insomnia and reduces stress and anxiety. 

When you use the face mask Acuphoria, you improve the overall appearance of your skin and relax your mind.With the stimulation of acupressure points 3, the Acuphoria mask helps improve the general appearance of the skin, reduce fine lines and increase the tone of the face.

Size One, the Velcro and holes to adapt the mask to all face morphology
Composition Medical plastic, silver ball
Contenu 1 mask, 3 silver balls, 2 branches with Velcro, 1 carrying pouch, 1 accompanying booklet
Entretien The mask and the balls easily wash with a little water and soap
Normes THIS
Color Pink

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Acuphoria mask