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Coolpad - Pack of 2 refreshing on-pillow

To always fresh pillows! 

  • Slip under the pillow of your pillows 
  • No activation required 
  • And firm 
  • cEasy to transport, by car and on the beach!

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You dreamed of a refreshing on-pillow that you could use at home or anywhere? Discover CoolPad, your essential summer accessory! 

During hot weather, it is usual to hurt withstand excessive temperatures, feel the sweat beading on his skin. This unpleasant feeling is also found in the evening on the pillow, where the heavy and unpleasant prevents heat sinking without a restful sleep. Only the on-pillow refreshing Coolpad will get you feeling cold and very pleasant and necessary freshness to appreciate this difficult time regardless of location. 

Three "strands" foldable, the CoolPad is wider than most products "comparable" in the market and best suits your pillows.And in duplicate, it may lend or provide maximum sensation. It can also be used in other situations, to provide fresh and relaxing. 

Coolpad technology is based on a sophisticated gel that will give you a fresh feeling whatever the temperature for several hours. It is light and easily transportable. To compare different technologies refreshing on-pillow, please consult our comparative article. 

All refreshing gel pillows are created equal ... Our products are made exclusively with high quality materials and with sufficient density to a real refresh (check especially the weight of other products!). The finish of CoolPad is neat. 

CoolPad gel pillow is the subject of a European certification, including the standards of fire safety.

You can use your pillow on Coolpad refreshing to obtain the following benefits:

  • Always fresh pillow 
  • Fight against sleep disorders, insomnia 
  • Relieve headaches, migraines and headaches 
  • Fight against poor blood circulation and heavy legs, varicose veins, swollen legs 
  • Limit and relieve sweating, night sweats and hot flashes 

The refreshing pillows will keep you cool for hours. The perceived freshness can vary from one individual to another and according to the ambient temperature. 

If after some time, your refreshing pillow you seem less fresh it can continue yet for a few hours to absorb body heat.

You no longer feel the freshness of the early hours but will still heat your pillow functional. In the end, the refreshing pillow will be most effective during the most useful time: to sleep.

The Coolpad requires no activation! 

  • The on-pillow refreshing CoolPad slips under your pillow, on your pillow to bring you a vivid freshness immediately. 
  • The properties of its inner gel are such that the on-pillow literally absorb your excess heat, helping you get to sleep comfortably.
  • The feeling of freshness while last several hours.Once out of your bed, CoolPad naturally return to its cool temperature without any action from you, ready for your next night. 
  • The Coolpad is very light (less than 1kg) so you can easily slip into your bag and take it anywhere! It will become your indispensable accessory to the beach!

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Coolpad - Pack of 2 refreshing on-pillow