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Coolpad Crystal - 2 units

Auto-refreshing on pillow-crystal 

  • Refreshing pillow with mini crystals 
  • Foldable, lightweight and portable 
  • Firm and supple

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The on-pillow refreshing Coolpad Crystal uses an innovative cooling technology: all-natural mini-crystals are coming absorb your excess heat to keep you cool and dry! No activation is required. 

During hot weather, it is usual to hurt withstand excessive temperatures, feel the sweat beading on his skin. This unpleasant feeling is also found in the evening on the pillow, where the heavy and unpleasant heat makes it difficult both to sleep and spend a really restful night. The on-pillow refreshing Crystal Coolpad can obtain a sensation of cold and very pleasant and necessary freshness to appreciate this difficult time regardless of location. The cold is also very useful in combating many ills of everyday life: relieve injuries, flushing, varicose veins ... 

Six "components" foldable, Crystal CoolPad is wider than most of the "comparable" products on the market and best suits your pillows.It can also be used in other situations, to provide fresh and relaxing. 

Coolpad technology based on mini crystals that will gradually and slowly become liquid by absorbing body heat, which is sure to get you a fresh feeling whatever room temperature for several hours. It is light and easily transportable. To compare different technologies refreshing on-pillow, please consult our comparative article. 

The crystals used are of exceptional quality: cut very thin, they are even more effective and comfortable. texture agents and silky surface ensure a comfortable touch.

With its innovative technology, the fresh feeling in soft contact Coolpad Crystal allows many benefits: 

  • Excess heat.Local fresh broadcast solution. An effective solution against the hot pillows. 
  • Hot flashes, sweating, night sweating. rapid thermal sensation of relief. 
  • Headaches, migraines and headaches.natural analgesic property freshness. 
  • Fever. rapid and effective response to changes in temperature. 
  • Sleep. A cool temperature promotes sleep and improves sleep. 
  • Irritated skin. The cold calm inflammation and relieves eczema, allergies, mosquito bites. 
  • Heavy legs and restless legs.Freshness localized for immediate relief. 
  • Localized pain and sunburn. Fresh, immediate analgesic effect on the painful area. 

The refreshing pillows will keep you cool for hours. The perceived freshness can vary from one individual to another and according to the ambient temperature. If after some time, your refreshing pillow you seem less fresh it can continue yet for a few hours to absorb body heat.You no longer feel the freshness of the early hours but will still heat your pillow functional. In the end, the refreshing pillow will be most effective during the most useful time: to sleep. 

Used with your regular pillow, CoolPad Crystal is placed on or under your pillow or on the skin because it is hypoallergenic. 
Make sure to lay it flat for a good distribution of crystals. 

In summer, place your Crystal Coolpad in a cool place out of bed to allow crystals to regenerate. In winter leave your Crystal Coolpad under your pillow can help keep flexible, depending on the temperature of your bedroom. 

Thanks to its design, facilitité and practicality of use, the uses are many: 

  • Very thin (less than 0.5 cm) and lightweight it is easily transported and ideal ride to the beach (keep in the shade and cooler ideally) during car trips on an office chair ... You can even use it to refresh laptops. 
  • Hypoallergenic, non-toxic compound of high quality crystals, it is used to the skin
  • Dry, waterproof, can be cleaned with a simple sponge 
  • No storage problem to store anywhere

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Coolpad Crystal - 2 units