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Keep your hands warm this winter! 

  • Set of 2 water bottles Pocket 
  • Heater infinitely reusable 
  • Practical and easy to use 
  • A portable heat and instant

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Warm your hands in a wink 

is not necessarily a hot cup fingertips to warm up. This instant hand warmer, reusable and will be very useful. 

It is easily carried in the pocket on a cold day. Just do "slam" the metalized pellet inside the small water bottle to activate it and you'll warm hands for about 30 minutes.With our set of 2 hand warmers, you can enjoy about 1 hour heat wherever you are. The ultimate in portable heat! 

These small hand water bottles are ideal for holidays éagelment winter sport, during walks in the mountains or simply for those who often have cold hands, whatever the season! 

How to use the pocket warmer: 

. Smack the metal pellet gently back and forth until the heater is activated and the inner gel hardens 
Upon activation, the hand warmers can reach up to 43 ° C will remain hot for about 30 minutes. 
You can wrap a thin towel or cloth around the heater to extend its heating time. 

once the heater used, dip it in boiling water and boil for about 5 minutes until in that the gel returns to its original liquid form. Then remove it from the water and wait for the hand warmer has cooled completely before reusing. 

Composition PVC hypoallergenic and non-toxic gel
Normes Certified Medical Quality, ISO certification

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