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Refreshing cushion / heating

Conditioning Airbag CLIMSOM 

  • Local application of heat or coolness 
  • Headache, stomachache, backache, neck pain 
  • For an always fresh and always hot pillow

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To function, the Thermotherapy CLIMSOM MINI cushion must be connected with your CLIMSOM thermo-controller (not included). 

Small (38x38 cm or 49x30cm), the CLIMSOM MINI achieves the coolest or warmer temperatures, and apply them locally where you need it the most. 

The temperature you choose will be maintained as long as you like. 

At home or in the office 

  • On your couch or on your office chair. You can cool or heat your buttocks or back at your leisure! 

A hot shot? Go to 18 ° C. A drop in temperature? Step back to 40 ° C! 

  • In your bed: for an always fresh and always hot pillow according to your comfort. 
  • For a foot bath. Farewell bowls!The CLIMSOM mini allows you to replicate the benefits of foot bath, fresh or hot and at the right temperature and to the degree!Just put your feet on it and set the temperature of your choice! 


  • Relax your muscles and carry away the toxins in greater vascularity of the heated zone 
  • Limit sweating, night sweats and hot flashes 
  • Relieve period pain 
  • Promote sleep with a pillow always fresh 
  • Relieve headaches and head pain due to localized application freshness 
  • Promote quality sleep by tuning the temperature of your cushion to the degree 
  • Relieve your heavy legs due to localized freshness on your calves 
  • Relieve various minor injuries (bruises, wounds, burns ...) thanks to a localized application 


  • Use the weight of your hands to apply heat or coolness closer to the desired area. 
  • Lie on the CLIMSOM MINI cushion to the target place to put all your body and relax. 
  • Apply the "soft" surface CLIMSOM MINI pad when you want a more moderate temperature. 

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Refreshing cushion / heating