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Cat Yoga mat

  • Yoga mats cat 
  • Ideal for playing and lounging 
  • Materials used nontoxic 
  • Made hand

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A yoga mat designed exclusively for your cat! 

Because your cat is the best yogiste the world, it deserves a Yoga mat made ​​especially for that: Yoga Cat carpets, a play area and zen! 

This mat is ideal for: 

  • Play 
  • Getting claws 
  • scratching, rubbing the back 
  • stretching in all directions 
  • napping 

Your cat will begin to indulge in one of his greatest passions: nap. Your companion sleeps on average between 15 and 18 hours per day.It therefore needs a dedicated place to be lounging while you yourself are going to work. 

It will then accompany you during your breaks, Yoga sessions and relaxation, and why not even show you some poses of his own! A you try to imitate, guarantee flexibility! 

The Cat Yoga mat is also perfect for playing with his ball wooden string. No need to find its mouse and other toys under the sofa, the ball is attached to a rope and will not be lost. 

Your cat may also pursue his claws, and perhaps more easily forsake your poor furniture. Do not hesitate to show him that he can do the claws on the carpet by yourself ... with your fingernails.Who knows ? Maybe you he will imitate and look he not with malice? 

Available in three colors, olive green, black or blue slate, Cat Yoga mats will match your mood and your deco . It will only take a few minutes to vacuum or with a little water. 

The Cat Yoga mat was created by Paige Hodges for his faithful companion "Pippy". Because she could not use her Yoga mat at its meetings, which became too small for both of them, she decided to create her own Pippy Yoga mat.The rug is handmade in Los Angeles, resort Pippy, and all materials used by Paige are nontoxic to the comfort of your cat.

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Cat Yoga mat

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