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Conditioners masks

Special offer !!! For 1 euro more leave with a third mask! 

  • 1 eye mask 
  • 1 face mask 
  • unique and adjustable waist 
  • hypoallergenic gel

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The pack includes two masks to adapt use your need: 1 mask to locate the refreshing action eye and a mask to apply the freshness of the whole face. 

Embellish your look and tone your face instantly and permanently! 

Refresh her face is a beauty gesture known for centuries for its beneficial and immediate effects on facial appearance: 
tightened pores, dark circles diminished and face fresh and relaxed. 

With refreshing masks you can lend a fresh and a glow to your face at all times! 
Use a refreshing mask immediately gives the appearance rejuvenated and refreshed to your face. 

It soothes skin inflammation and redness 

  • anti wrinkle mask He raises blood circulation 
  • It concealer mask tightens pores 
  • It revitalizing mask tightens the skin 
  • refreshing masks It soothes pain 
  • It helps mask icicle 'deflate' pockets and congested faces 

When to use a refreshing mask? 

  • refreshing mask CLIMSOM To alleviate puffy eyes, dark circles and puffiness and regain a more dynamic look 
  • face mask In case of skin problems (eg eczema) and acne 
  • anti mask buttons to firm skin and boost circulation for a younger appearance 
  • acne mask to tighten pores 
  • Pores mask In case of dull skin 
  • face mask To remove traces of fatigue and have a more relaxed face more charges 
  • mask beauty To relieve damaged skin by sunburn or surgery (laser surgery, peeling, etc ...) 
  • face mask beauty To relieve headaches

Let your refreshing masks in the refrigerator or place in the freezer for a few minutes ice effect.Use your refreshing eye mask or face 10 to 15 minutes per day for an immediate and an improvement over the duration of the appearance of your skin.

Size Unique, the elastic allow you to adjust the size to all heads
Composition des masques Plastic and hypoallergenic gel
Composition du pack 1 refreshing eye mask, 1 refreshing facial mask, a transport pouch
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Conditioners masks