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Gel for light legs

  • Anti heavy legs gel bio 
  • Relieve your tired legs 
  • Decongestant and Soothing 
  • Wellness immediate effect 
  • 99% of the ingredients are of natural origin

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Fight against water retention and improves blood circulation 

Concentrated assets to say goodbye to cellulite, heavy legs and varicose veins! 

The originality of the gel light legs of Propolia lies in the combination of active and draining decongestant for: 

fight against cellulite by promoting venous return and reducing water retention 
Against heavy legs thanks to the analgesic effect of cold 
Limit varicose veins by toning and revitalizing the blood 

applied to a number once a day, the effect of light from Propolia legs gel is twofold feeling of freshness and well-being in the legs immediate and lasting pain relief.Nice texture, the gel absorbs quickly into the skin without leaving a greasy film, or on the hands or on the body and a small amount of product is sufficient for each application! A sweet minty smell and instant cooling effect which gives you immediate and lasting relief from heavy and swollen legs. 

Key Ingredients: 

Peppermint: Rich in menthol, its intense freshness calm and decongest instantly heavy legs and swollen legs. 
Ginkgo : Toning and revitalizing, Ginkgo improves arterial and venous blood circulation tired legs 
red Vine: Restores elasticity and permeability of blood vessel walls and improves blood circulation in the lower limbs 

We recommend the frigithérapie pack that heavy legs gel combines the Propolia toppers refreshing CLIMSOM Intense. 
the mattress pad refreshing CLIMSOM Intense will bring the toning and vasoconstrictor effect of cold for a refreshing effect and an immediate relief and improved venous return in the long term. The CLIMSOM Intense gel and thus will act in synergy and combine the benefits of cold draining assets.Find out the benefits of frigithérapie institute as at home! 

The cold is your best ally slimming.The body will consume a lot of energy and therefore calories to maintain a constant body temperature.

Size unique
Certifications Oeko-Tex Standard 100
Coloris White
Composition 100% chemically untreated silk + elastic fibers holding the ankle
Entretien We recommend washing silk by hand with soap or detergent containing no detergent or other product that could damage the fiber. Leave not soak too long silk it can relax the fibers. You can also switch the machine on delicate cycle.
Indications Poor blood circulation: against heavy legs, varicose veins, venous insufficiency, cellulite, stretch marks. But also firming and slimming!
Labels Ecocert / Cosmebio Charter
Tube 100ml

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Gel for light legs