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Finish with back pain

The method Stevignon :

  • One method to do away with back pain 
  • And say goodbye to many other chronic pain 
  • A simple and effective method 
  • Many exercises to guide you and your pain lasting

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The method Stevignon 

"And if the head of back pain and other chronic pain, it was not the sport or exercising, nor age, nor even what you do at work or during your leisure activities?" 

For François Stevignon, which affects the most to our backs and what maintains our chronic pain, it is the abuse of toxic postures. And it was during our moments of relaxation where we release the pressure, we tend to adopt bad positions, sources of our pain and the cause of many diseases: it wallows in a sofa, feet on the table low, to watch TV, it taps on his laptop or tablet back bent, the apparatus is stuck phone between ear and shoulder, you sit on a chair or crooked foot under buttock reads lying in bed leaning on two pillows and we fell asleep on the belly ... 

The proposed by the physiotherapist method is a method in 21 days, step by step, non-binding because it takes very little time every day, with simple exercises, fast and efficient, especially the insights of way to stop all sources of chronic pain 

"They will make you aware of the key and take you to correct your posture in your daily activities and rest. Twenty-one days is the attention I request you to overcome your persistent pain.Twenty-one days, the resolution time observed for the majority of the pain of my patients. This is also the time required for new "habits" are set up. " 

François Stevignon 

professional therapist for over 30 years, François Stevignon was able to test daily, and clinical practice, his method to overcome back pain and recurrent, recalcitrant pain. 
François Stevignon graduated in osteopathy and vertebrotherapy.He then quickly passionate for recalcitrant pain. Thanks to the treatment of nearly 100 000 cases during his career, sports, and traumatized patients every day, François Stevignon has developed a proven method for success. 

Now he wants to share his method with the highest number and make available all its experience and expertise to help all those who suffer to overcome their recalcitrant pain. 

Broché 250 pages
Dimension 23.8 x 15.2 x 1.8 cm
Editeur KERO (19 September 2013)
ISBN-10 236658055X
ISBN-13 978-2366580556
Langue French

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Finish with back pain