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Refreshing bowl

Fresh water at will! - Cooling Bowl 

  • An always fresh water! 
  • Capacity 1 liter 
  • Nontoxic materials: plastic food and natural crystals

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The bowl is refreshing Cooling Bowl THE bowl for dogs and cats need your pet to give him fresh water at will! In summer a bowl of fresh water available to allow your pet to drink to prevent it from becoming dehydrated or he catches a hot shot. 

The Cooling Bowl is made inside mini natural crystals which when activated will keep the water in the bowl for dogs and cats in a cool temperature for many hours. Never ice, water remains at ideal temperature throughout the day.

Unlike humans, dogs and cats have very few sweat glands.Where man has on the body, in cats and dogs they are located at the level of the pads. They sweat and little or not is by the language they will remove excess heat. This explains why a dog sticks his tongue and panting after exertion or simply when the temperature rises.The cat comes rarely to gasp although breathing rate increases under the influence of heat. 

Cats and dogs can not 'withdraw their fur coat. "Drinking fresh water is the most effective way to refresh in addition to hydrate your dog and your cat.

Simply put water in the "lining" of your bowl and shake to activate the small crystals.Then place your bowl, empty the refrigerator for 1 hour. You can also put water in your refreshing bowl before putting in the fridge so that it is still cooler. Be careful though not to provide chilled water to your pet, as in humans, it can cause stomach aches. 

Pay attention to blow hot dogs, never leave it in the sun on the back of a car even with fresh water. Put it always providing something to drink, enough to refresh and limit exercise to prevent heat stroke. 

Composition Mini natural crystals and food and non-toxic plastic
Volume 1 litre

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Refreshing bowl

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