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Refreshing carpet Dog

Comfortable and soft carpets to avoid heat stroke in your dog! 

  • A soft and comfortable place for your dog 
  • Protects joints, relieves inflammation and itching, your dog keeps you cool 
  • Hypoallergenic, non toxic, easy maintenance 
  • Is empty and stores easily

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  • 110x80 CM
  • 80x55 CM
  • 60x45 CM

The refreshing carpet Dog Cool Bed III is designed to keep your pet cool and avoid her hot shot the dog, especially during periods of hot weather. The interior consists of a foam that absorbs water to become soft and fresh. Simply fill once your water carpet so that it is absorbed by the foam. 

The refreshing carpet Dog Cool Bed III then refreshes alone outdoors. The differential between the temperature of your dog and the carpet makes it felt as fresh. 

Cool bed mat is a huge success since its inception 6 years ago the United States. Praised by dogs and their master and recommended by veterinarians, this fresh mat is a revolution in canine welfare!

Cool Bed III will bring comfort and freshness to your dog: 

refreshing thermal chienConfort carpet 

By absorbing the excess heat, the Cool Bed III brings freshness to the dogs both in summer when temperatures are high and cause heat stroke risk in dogs, and winter in a heated house. Cool Bed III allows them to regain thermal comfort in all seasons 

carpet dog refreshing physical comfort and articular 

The soft carpet that will bring comfort and well-being to all dogs and especially those suffering from joint problems, muscle pain, pelvic pain or skin problems (the cooling effect is anti-inflammatory and anti pain). 

Cool Bed III is available in 3 sizes: 

  • Small - 60x45cm.For who ? Small dogs of 12 kg 1 - type dogs Yorkshire, Poodle, Basset, Bichon, Pekingese, etc. 
  • Medium - 81x56cm. For who ? medium dogs up to 27 kg - type dogs: English Bulldog, Cocker Spaniel, Basset, Springer Spaniel, etc. 
  • Large 110x80cm.For who ? large dogs 21 kg and + - type dogs Boxer, German Shepherd, Doberman, Labrador, Greyhound, etc.

To use it, it's very simple, you simply add the amount of water specified in the instructions, let the foam absober water and then to the air space. Your carpet is fresh and ready! You can empty it and let it dry when not in use so it can be stored without difficulty. 

Tip: Put a few drops of grapefruit seed oil in water with each new filling your Cool Bed III and in foam when you emptied your carpet before storing (and when the foam is dry).This oil is a natural and non-toxic anti-bacterial. 

Cool Bed III is hypoallergenic, non-toxic, easy to maintain and offers your dog a piece of soft and comfortable fresh for comfort and well-being! 

Remember that heat stroke in dogs can be fatal.Do not leave your dog in the sun without water or enough to moisturize and plan a cool sleeping where he can easily hide.The dog heat stroke can be avoided with the right moves! 

  • COOL BED III S - Small (60 x 45 cm) -> Fill with 4 liters of water 
  • COOL BED III M - Medium (80 x 55 cm) -> Fill with 11 liters of water 
  • COOL BED III SL - Large (110 cm x 80 cm) -> Fill with 22 liters of water
Composition Foam, plastic medical
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Refreshing carpet Dog

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