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    For those addicted to acupressure, enjoy its benefits in all its forms!  An acupressure mat Zen CLIMSOM  A cushion acupressure and thermotherapy CLIMSOM Zen  A beauty mask Acupressure and Wellness A relaxing acupressure ring

  • The acupressure beauty mask  You feel stressed and tired?  And it shows on your skin? Try the beauty mask Acuphoria!

  • Acupressure CLIMSOM: superior quality, 100% organic and trendy design! 100% organic materials!  organic cotton cover and inside fiber organic coconut: non-allergenic, sound, solid unlike synthetic foams  Supplied with a detailed accompanying booklet and a carrying bag  A new color happens: White!

  • The well-being at your fingertips  Acupressure at your fingertips  You can use it anywhere!  One size fits all finger sizes

  • The winning duo to keep, of course, form and morale!  Pack content: 1 light therapy Luminette + 1 cushion acupressure CLIMSOM Zen  From light therapy to energize  From acupressure and thermotherapy relax  winter Blues, temporary depression, low morale ... this package is for you!

  • A massage oil that the more anxious calm  A 100% natural oil, Homemade  Lavender, palmarosa, bergamot, orange, clove, rosewood  Made of Scottish rapeseed oil, rich in vitamin E  100ml bottle

Showing 1 - 6 of 103 items